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Founder Story

It's all about the journey

Hi, I'm Lucus, and I'm excited to introduce you to Nectr Kombucha Co., the new name for my passion project formerly known as Luc's Brew Kombucha. While the name may be different, our kombucha remains the same. I'm still crafting our delicious, nutrient-dense, probiotic packed kombucha with the same passion and expertise that I've always brought to the table.

My journey to creating Nectr Kombucha began with a personal struggle with allergies and gut problems. After experiencing the transformative power of kombucha, I started crafting my own at home, constantly experimenting with different techniques and flavours until I found the perfect recipe. Today, I'm grateful to share my organic, probiotic elixir with a growing community of intentional, health-conscious humans who are committed to living a life full of health, vitality and joy. Join us and experience the many benefits of kombucha for yourself!

Cheers, Luc

Nectr Kombucha Founder
Nectr Kombucha Team

Our Vision, Values, and Commitment to Health and Sustainability at Nectr

Our vision is bold but clear.  At Nectr, we envision a world where health and happiness are the norm, and ailments and diseases in body and mind are a thing of the past.


We're a conscious brand, aware of the impact our choices have on ourselves, our community, and Mother Nature. We strive for consistency in the quality of our product, and we're passionate about forging genuine connections with our community and the world around us.

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